Monday, July 19, 2010

But WHY do you have to blog?! A mini rant because I don't really care that much anymore.

This is what I get from non-techy, their opinion.. control freak relatives and one or two friends.
I still love y'all anyway...Pests! Cute little heart <3 to prove it.

OK here is the answer to those so concerned.

I LIKE to write. I like to design my blogs and then post funny stuff on them. Or art, or pictures or just play around with the whole shebang.

I am NOT into porn. I detest it actually. So don't worry about that. If YOU'VE looked at that junk (pesky relative or friend) don't assume everyone else is so inclined because, guess what, we aren't!

Lots of people use the internet for just plain regular stuff. Like looking up useful information, shopping, writing emails to said relatives and friends. You know the same things they are probably doing even though when I do it it's somehow DIFFERENT.

So if for some peculiar reason you don't understand why I blog...get over it. It is not a bad thing. It isn't hurting you. Take a big ole chill pill and go and MYOB.

You will be fine.

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