Monday, August 16, 2010

The Insanity of Fandom Part 1

Disclaimer:For my own important reasons I am no longer and will never EVER again be part of a fandom! The other reasons will become apparent as these posts progress. I will only mildly like a few nice things from now on.

This could probably be book length or made into a comedy film...which wouldn't be too bad if they paid me for it, but for now it's just a blog post.

First off people always ask "What is fandom?" even though they are usually in a fandom whether they know it or not. If you are a serious fan of a sport like, here in Baltimore (football, Ravens, go purple!) you are in a fandom. If you really like anything a LOT - like a performer, actress, actor, movie, movies, books, music, musicians, anybody or anything that you really, really like and some other people really, really like you are at least on the fringes of a fandom.

More likely you are really in a fandom when you and the other fans are a bit or a LOT obsessed with whatever or whoever it is that you like. The latter is the type of fandom experience I'm writing about. Not just those who casually like something but those who are obsessed fans who take who or whatever they like WAY too seriously. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TO SERIOUSLY!

Restatement of Disclaimer - I once was that type of fan but I will never go there again. It is a strange and crazy place!

As is my wont I stumbled blindly and innocently into my fandom which was originally The Lord of the Rings movies which came out in three parts from 2001 to 2003 and then I branched off into the EXTREMELY crazy fandom world of actor Elijah Wood. Yes that little actor has a VERY INSANE fandom! That will take up a few other posts, at least! But for now I will stick to The Rings films.

The way I wandered into the Rings fandom was that those movies of my favorite fictional books came out just when I was becoming internet savvy since at that time that I could first access the internet. Let me retract the savvy part. I was a really dumb newbie and knew zilch about the way people act online. That is, they CAN be really insane, obsessed, nasty to vicious, and absolute trolls who will say and do things they would never do anywhere else. Wait! Some of these people DO do these things off line as well. But be that as it may.....

I wandered wide-eyed into the LOTR(Lord of the Rings) fandom through one of the seemingly hundreds of message boards that popped up amongst the already fanatic LOTR fandom of people called Ringers. These folks were already known around the world to be as devoted fans as Trekkies/Trekers and Star Wars fans. But when measured up against those other two fandoms Ringers are completely over the top. And that is saying something!

I was not fully aware of that when I wandered in. (Play ominous music.)

To be continued.............

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Page!!

Now don't get too excited but I've added another page!

Go check it out!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Am I really Cranky?

Looking over my previous two posts I realized some might see me that way.

OK I am sometimes. But usually people tell me I am cheerful.

Here's the thing. They see me when I AM cheerful but then at home I am not AS cheerful.
This is to be expected since I am dealing with several health issues, not the least of which, is a life-long problem with clinical depression. So if I'm depressed I just might sound cranky. But actually I'm just depressed. See the difference?

No...well. Too bad!

Wait...I am not really being cranky. But if you just perceive me as cranky that does not mean I am.

OK? Got it?


Monday, July 19, 2010

But WHY do you have to blog?! A mini rant because I don't really care that much anymore.

This is what I get from non-techy, their opinion.. control freak relatives and one or two friends.
I still love y'all anyway...Pests! Cute little heart <3 to prove it.

OK here is the answer to those so concerned.

I LIKE to write. I like to design my blogs and then post funny stuff on them. Or art, or pictures or just play around with the whole shebang.

I am NOT into porn. I detest it actually. So don't worry about that. If YOU'VE looked at that junk (pesky relative or friend) don't assume everyone else is so inclined because, guess what, we aren't!

Lots of people use the internet for just plain regular stuff. Like looking up useful information, shopping, writing emails to said relatives and friends. You know the same things they are probably doing even though when I do it it's somehow DIFFERENT.

So if for some peculiar reason you don't understand why I blog...get over it. It is not a bad thing. It isn't hurting you. Take a big ole chill pill and go and MYOB.

You will be fine.

You CANNOT Go Now!!

You've all probably seen the commercial with the poor mother who is guilt-ridden because she has to pee when her spoiled daughter is trying on a wedding gown.

Sure you have! I wanted to post the video clip because it really cracks me up, but it's obviously been flushed down the search engine pipes at the moment. If anyone finds it let me know!

It's so preposterously funny.

"Mother, I will disown myself if you dare to go to the bathroom NOW! How dare you! I am trying on a wedding dress!"

There's another version of this commercial with a Mom being made to feel guilty for her over-active bladder by her entire family who evidently NEVER pee. Only Moms have the blatant uncaring disregard for their families to have to go pee at times that might be inconvenient for the non-pee-ers.

The bride to be brat daughter is the worst though. Her poor little Mom who probably did everything for spoiled brat daughter, including changing her diapers when said daughter USED to pee, is made to feel worthless for the simple need to briefly leave the bridal showroom for an excursion to the ladies room.

Just wait till spoiled brat daughter has three kids and one of them is trying on wedding dresses and SHE has to pee! What goes around comes around!

The poor sheepish little Mom is only out of disgrace with daughter when she, conveniently by the wedding day, has taken a possibly deadly medication to control her annoying bladder.

The message of these commercials is clear. Moms are not allowed to pee when it might take a single second away from their terribly spoiled children.