Monday, July 19, 2010

You CANNOT Go Now!!

You've all probably seen the commercial with the poor mother who is guilt-ridden because she has to pee when her spoiled daughter is trying on a wedding gown.

Sure you have! I wanted to post the video clip because it really cracks me up, but it's obviously been flushed down the search engine pipes at the moment. If anyone finds it let me know!

It's so preposterously funny.

"Mother, I will disown myself if you dare to go to the bathroom NOW! How dare you! I am trying on a wedding dress!"

There's another version of this commercial with a Mom being made to feel guilty for her over-active bladder by her entire family who evidently NEVER pee. Only Moms have the blatant uncaring disregard for their families to have to go pee at times that might be inconvenient for the non-pee-ers.

The bride to be brat daughter is the worst though. Her poor little Mom who probably did everything for spoiled brat daughter, including changing her diapers when said daughter USED to pee, is made to feel worthless for the simple need to briefly leave the bridal showroom for an excursion to the ladies room.

Just wait till spoiled brat daughter has three kids and one of them is trying on wedding dresses and SHE has to pee! What goes around comes around!

The poor sheepish little Mom is only out of disgrace with daughter when she, conveniently by the wedding day, has taken a possibly deadly medication to control her annoying bladder.

The message of these commercials is clear. Moms are not allowed to pee when it might take a single second away from their terribly spoiled children.

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